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Bhokal is one of Raj Comics' mythological/historical characters. I guess if I had to stretch it a little and compare him to one of our U.S. characters, he'd have to fit somewhere into a category with Conan or Red Sonja.
But let there be no mistake; despite the time period he lives in, his stories are just as inexplicable as any of the modern characters that Raj Comics publishes.

The people were just trying to live their life. Then one day, it rained rocks, and a giant foot stomped on them all:


The people never despaired, however; because they knew that Samson Hercules Jackie Chan Bhokal would come to save them:


Bhokal tried to reason with it and come to a compromise, but it put it's foot down:


Bhokal used his magic headband to dig his way out of the dirt. Now, you might wonder what kind of giant it is he's fighting; it's not a giant at all, just an old dude with a really big foot:


Fortunately, Bhokal's headband does more than dig; it also projects a giant hand that grabs giant feet:


You might think that pounding on that foot would make it swell up. You'd be wrong. Not only does it shrink the malicious foot, it sets the guy up for some hardcore bondage:

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Older men aren't Bhokal's type :

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Later that day, giant bugs attack the city:

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Bhokal tries to smack them with some trees:

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It is not effective. The bugs eat the trees and continue with their assault:


When they begin to throw the trees back at Bhokal, he decides to use his sword:

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He fights them valiantly. The onlookers remark that Bhokal "enjoys killing things!"

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