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RAJ Comics have been publishing comics in India for Twenty-five years. Starting out as a small independent, they have become the largest and most popular comic publisher in the country. Occasionally, certain issues are published in English, and can be ordered from their website.
Two of their most popular characters, Nagraj and Doga, are scheduled to be adapted into live-action films.

1."Oh yeah. This is the good stuff here. I wish I had more."
2.You have to be careful taking a nip at work
3.See.. "Hey, what's up!" "Holy crap! Why'd you sneak up on me?"
4."You're not using that absinthe again, are you? You know it makes you think you're a snake-man!"
5."Oy! I gotta ditch this chick. She's a real bring-down." "I'm just trying to help you."

1."It's just a little taste to get through the day." "You know the first step to getting better is admitting that you have a problem."
2."What problem?" "Look, I used to prostitute myself out on the streets and then snort cocaine off of a dumpster."
3."I can't help you if you won't help yourself" "Well, I'll think about it."
4."Seriously, I had a hard life and it pains me to see you doing this to yourself." "Well, let me think about it, okay?"
5. "I hope you come to your senses before it's too late." "Yeah, yeah, sure, sure."
6.When you're high you never, ever want to come down "Yeah baby. I'm flying like a snake now."

1.Meanwhile in the futuristic part of town "We're looking for Sarah Conner. Have you seen her?" "Uh.. She went that a way."
3. (SFX: zip zop zoobitty bop)
4."Hey, that wasn't a very nice thing to do, and it hurt too." "Yeah, what's up with that, metal head?"
5."So you'd like another shot then?"
6."Hey! If you're running away, I'm running too."
7."Run if you want, foolish humans. We can still track you down and hack your Farmville accounts on facebook."

1."Go ahead and tell them you guys." "Uh, guys..?"
2."Now how did that happen?"
3."I used my freeze ray. It's really cool." "Who are you anyway?"
4."I'm Rick James, _____! Take this!" And then he released the destructive metal snake

1."Wow. That weird guy has some neat gadgets. And he doesn't run away like my boyfriend."
2."You can't win." The battle rages on, laser against laser
6."He's kinda cute, too, in a hobo sort of way." "I don't need those other two for this."

1."Let's see how you like this armored glider we stole from a Spiderman comic."
3."HEY! That's copyright infringement."
4."You die now." "I call force field!"

2."I'm glad I have this Transformer."
3.The robot snake uses Tail Stinger
4.It's Super Effective!
5."Oh hey, thanks for saving us."
6."Would you like to smell the perfume behind my ears?" "Who me? No thanks, happy hour is starting now."

1.Later that same day "Hello.."
2."What in the world? Who are you, and whaddya want?" "I transformed into a Naga so that we could be together."

1.Now this certainly is an unexpected twist in the plot "Will you love me forever?" "Oh, no. I've got to think of something to say to weasel out of this before she sinks her hooks in."
2.As he gazes deep into her eyes, he ponders "Oy. They call these snake-women 'naga', but it seems there's an extra letter 'a' in there.
3."you know what, Sug, I think it's time for us to see other people." "What? You can't mean that."
5."Okay, I love you, buh-bye, lady." The End

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