Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Funnies: MARK TRAIL

Like most comic strips that outlive the lifespan of the original creators, MARK TRAIL can sometimes be very boring and bland. That said, this story here proves that it's not the character that's unexciting, it's just the crappy writers that do the daily strip. I'll admit this ain't the best comic ever made, but it's miles above whatever storyline is running in the current strip.

I'm posting the whole comic under the idea that this is public domain by now. If it ain't and I do happen to get a DMCA notice, it'd probly be best if you read it now before it gets deleted.


by Ed Dodd (art)
from MARK TRAIL #5, Summer 1959

Page 0001 Page 0002 Page 0003 Page 0004

Page 0005 Page 0006 Page 0007 Page 0008

Page 0009 Page 0010 Page 0011 Page 0012

Page 0013 Page 0014 Page 0015 Page 0016

Page 0017 Page 0018 Page 0019 Page 0020

Page 0021 Page 0022 Page 0023 Page 0024

Page 0025 Page 0026 Page 0027 Page 0028

Page 0029 Page 0030 Page 0031 Page 0032

Page 0033 Page 0034 Page 0035 Page 0036


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Funnies: MAIL ON SUNDAY

No need to really explain this I don't think. It's from the Sunday paper, circa 1987.

from MAIL ON SUNDAY, 2/15/87


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Archie Flips Out

Now here's a weird one for y'all. Possibly the most violent Archie comic I've ever come across. If I wasn't seeing it in a real Archie publication, I'd swear this came out of a MAD magazine or something. I'm kinda surprised that this got printed. Take a look for yerself.

from ARCHIE AND ME #96, October 1977



Friday, June 21, 2013


Just a few tidbits from some recent Marvel titles:

from DEADPOOL #11, by Brian Posehn, Gerry Duggan, & Mike Hawthorne


If you've never seen it, here's the scene from RUN, RONNIE, RUN that Deadpool is referencing. Funny stuff. I'm surprised that anybody else even watched this movie, much less that they'd do an homage in a Deadpool comic. Small world.

from INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK #8, by Mark Waid, Walt Simonson, & Bob Wiacek


And that's one fan-based argument that's been going on forever. Who's stronger? Hulk or Thor?
This doesn't really give an absolute solution, but it's kinda cool to think we may see a Hulk/Thor rematch at some point in one of the new MARVEL NOW! titles.