Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Bewitched is still one of my favorite shows of all time. I never really understood why Darrin didn't ever want Samantha to use her magic, though. To me that seems like one of the best parts of being married to a real witch. If it was me, I wouldn't stop her from using the magic ever.
I suppose it just wouldn't be as entertaining a show that way, since every plot revolved around trying to cover up Sam's powers.
In this story, Darrin doesn't protest all that hard about stifling the spells. Maybe because he stands to gain something from it.
One other note, Endora doesn't seem quite as snarky in the comics. If you're at all familiar with the show, you'll see what I mean.

Artist and writer uncredited.
from BEWITCHED #2, July 1965

You can watch quite a few episodes of BEWITCHED over at HULU or on YouTube. Or you can read an article explaining why Dick York left the show here.


Monday, July 12, 2010

The Annual Race To Benefit Various And Sundry Evil Organizations And Also The Homeless (Now With Beer And Hot Dogs)

After reading this story, you get the idea that it might have been intended for use in an issue of DEADPOOL TEAM UP. How or why it ended up in one of Marvel's double-length one-shots is anybody's guess. But here it is, in all of it's monochrome glory.

By Jonathon Hickman and Kody Chamberlin.