Thursday, January 13, 2011

Johnny Quick's Super Search

I had my suspicions before that Otto Binder was the "anonymous" writer for a good stretch of the Johnny Quick series, I just couldn't prove it. Well, this story is confirmed by the good folks at GCD as being definitely written by the legend himself.

Now, you might wonder at some point just why I love Binder's work so much, and it's really not that hard to explain. With Binder you know, above all else, you're getting a story. The story might not make any kind of scientific or historical sense, but it's guaranteed to entertain you nonetheless.
All this guy brought to the table was a pen, paper, and imagination. He never got tied up in useless continuity, in fact, sometimes the reverse would be true; Superman or Captain Marvel may be totally out of character at times, but they acted in a way that advanced the story as necessary to reach the ending he desired. And in the next issue, he'd start over from scratch again, usually ignoring most of what he'd established last month. He always approached things with a spectacular amount of creativity and humor that just seems so conspicuously lacking nowadays.
Both E. Nelson Bridwell and Roy Thomas were driven to the edges of insanity and beyond trying to reconcile Binder's stories into some sort of cohesive whole. And that's another reason I love his writing.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy a story that may or may not fit together with any other stories. Just enjoy it for what it is, not what your preconceived notions tell you it should be.

by Otto Binder and Ralph Mayo
from ADVENTURE COMICS #146, November 1949


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