Thursday, February 18, 2010


When you mention EC Comics, the first thing people think of is TALES FROM THE CRYPT. But we're not going to be looking at any pre-code horror comics this time around. We'll be looking at a western story.
When Harvey Kurtzman left TWO-FISTED TALES to focus on the humor titles MAD and PANIC, no one else was able to match the levels of intense battlefield drama he'd attained before. Instead, the title branched out from just war stories to more general action and adventure. They even tried adding a few recurring characters, but TWO-FISTED still ended up cancelled after issue #41.
This somewhat light story might be a bit predictable, but I never pass up a chance to look at Severin's art.

By Colin Dawkins and John Severin.
from TWO-FISTED TALES #38, July 1954


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