Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Funnies: PEANUTS

People are always raving about Calvin & Hobbes, but to me, it'll always come in second place to what was truly the greatest comic strip of the 20th century: PEANUTS.
Charles Schulz took all the crap that the syndicate threw at him (not being able to use his own title for the strip, forced to be printed smaller than other strips, etc.*read the book*), and like a magical Rumpelstiltskin of the drawing board, churned out pure gold.
I grew up with Peanuts and I've read just about every strip ever, yet I'll still willingly spend a lazy afternoon reading through a stack of the old Fawcett-Crest paperbacks. If that's not a testament to the longevity and timelessness of Charlie Brown and the gang, I don't know what is.
Not all of these comics are by Schulz himself, but they're all good.

from FRITZI RITZ #28, May 1953

from FRITZI RITZ #46, September 1956

from FRITZI RITZ #57, March 1958

from FRITZI RITZ #58, June 1958

from FRITZI RITZ #59, September 1958

♥Official website of The Charles Schulz Museum
♥Watch The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show at BLINKX
Also, a few episodes to watch on FANCAST
A larger selection of various Charlie Brown Holiday Specials at VEOH
♠A selected Peanuts strip every Thursday over at VANISHING POINT
♠Peanuts Motion Comics: Original Sunday strips done as animated shorts.
♦Six pages of fan-art by JDH, featuring the Peanuts gang as superheroes
♦Fan-art by gNAW featuring the Peanuts gang as manga
♣Francesco Marciuliano does Peanuts parodies quite often
So does Mark Parisi
♣A parody that asks "What if Peanuts were written by Charles Bukowski?"

My result for The Peanuts Character Test...


Wishy-Washy: 47%, Mental: 44%, Physical: 47%

Perhaps the world's most uncoordinated bird, Woodstock is Snoopy's best friend, activity partner and occasional secretary. With his erratic flight patterns, he has trouble avoiding anything roughly between him and his destination and usually spends the winter holed up in Snoopy's kennel. Be extra careful playing baseball or football, as sports become a lot more challenging when the ball is six times bigger than you are.

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