Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Today's comic is kind of special for me, at least in terms of X-Men comics. It's not the first X-men comic I'd ever read, or the first I'd ever purchased, but it was the first one I actually enjoyed. Prior to this, every X-Men issue I came across was so tied up with neverending subplots that I just couldn't enjoy them because I wasn't sure exactly what all was going on (sound familiar?).
Despite a few references to previous issues on the first few pages (which I'm not presenting here), this is pretty much a stand-alone story that was done just for the fun of it. To those of you who are more familiar with "X-Continuity", you may get a few extra smiles from it.
The only setup you need coming into this is that it's a bedtime fairy tale being told by Kitty to Illyana.

By Chris Claremont, Dave Cockrum, and Josef Rubinstein.
from UNCANNY X-MEN #153, January 1982

*That's Carol Danvers wearing the Mary Marvel shirt in panel four.


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