Friday, February 19, 2010


I've said it before, and I'll say it again: genre-specific anthology comics may not have the best writing, but they are always fun to look at. So let's look at these two stories.....

Artists and writers uncredited.
from STRANGE FANTASY #14, October 1954

Maybe Dr. Wertham was right, it can't be a good thing to see four murders on one page.

Years ago, when I used to watch wrestling, there was a guy named Ted DiBiase whose catch-phrase was"Every man has his price". For some reason that line in panel 5, "You won't forget that Rolls Royce you promised me?" reminds me of him.

"I can trust you." I wouldn't be so sure.....

Wow. Emotional bunch, aren't they?

Now this story just took a strange turn...

Despite every thing else, this story was totally worth it for panel 5 there.

*Apparently, someone posted this story before(CLICK HERE), so I'll continue on where they left off. Here's the next story from the same comic.


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