Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More of the history of DEADPOOL

Our story so far:
Our hero, Wade, appears out of nowhere in an issue of NEW MUTANTS, only to find himself instantly wrapped up in the infinitely convoluted plots and sub-plots of the neverending Marvel Mutant Saga. We find out that he works as a mercenary for some weirdo named Tolliver, and is assigned with killing several of the (so-called) good guys.
After several humiliating defeats by different X Force members, Tolliver gives him an easier assignment; kidnapping.

from X FORCE #4, November 1991

*like shooting fish in a barrel - kidnapping a mostly dead mutant.

*NOTE: these scans aren't super-sized, this was the (in)famous sideways issue of X FORCE.

from X FORCE #5, December 1991

*Boy, that Tolliver guy seems pretty despicable. Maybe he's just crabby because he has a toothache in one (or several) of his hundreds of teeth.

from X FORCE #10, May 1992

from X FORCE #11, June 1992

And there you have it. Finally, Deadpool manages some real ass-kickin' in his 7th appearance. Not bad considering some supervillains have never won a fight in their whole careers.

NOTES: I'm using Deadpool's chronology from The Marvel Database Project. If there are omissions or errors, please let them know.
The 'official' Deadpool history can be read online HERE.
All four issues that I've sampled here were by the creative team of Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza


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  1. Took Deadpool long enough, he is pretty cool, has the looks, the skills, the brains, but for some reason lacked the writers willing to give him a chance to succeed