Tuesday, February 8, 2011



Conceived as a 'comeback' issue for The Spirit, Denis Kitchen and Cat Yronwode enlisted every artist that they could for an all-star jam issue. How much or how little each person contributed was left up to the participants, so you'll see as much as several pages by one and as little as a single panel by another.
Consider this a hardcore guessing game for comic art lovers.
Have fun with it, as it's a fun story even if you don't guess them all.

from THE SPIRIT #30, July 1981
Story and framing sequence art by Will Eisner.
Additional art by Denis Kitchen, Mike Newhall, Fred Hembeck, Peter Poplaski, Michael T. Gilbert, Trina Robbins, Fershid Bharucha, Steve Leialoha, Joe Staton, Bob Smith, Frank Miller, Terry Austin, Marshall Rogers, George Pratt, Alan Weiss, Alan Kupperberg, Howard Cruse, Harvey Kurtzman, Ernie Colon, Brent Anderson, Bob Wiacek, Terry Beatty, Ken Steacy, Dean Motter, Jim Engel, Don Rosa, Catherine Yronwode, Mike Tieffenbacher, Chuck Fiala, Bill Sienkiewicz, Brian Bolland, John Byrne, Josef Rubenstein, and Richard Corben.


  1. This is a gem. I'll never forget buying this back in the 80's. I found it along with most all the other Kitchen Sink Spirits and bought them all at once. It bent my credit card at the time, though the cost is a pittance these days relatively speaking.

    Rip Off

  2. On pg. 32, I did the top 2 tiers & Chuck Fiala did the bottom 2. We were totally jacked to be asked (along with 48 others) to be part of this, I can tell ya... We adored Eisner (still do). I pencilled the first 3 panels, and to get my friend Don Rosa in on it, he inked panel one. To get Mike Tiefenbacher in, he drew the Boris Badenov wanted poster. Cat Yronwode did the Rabbit Wanted poster (she did a "Rabbit & Tree" strip in TBG). Denis Kitchen did the Steve Krupp Wanted poster on the floor, as well as the rat in the corner. Dennis McFarlane did the Georgia Tom Wanted poster. That's me as the desk Sarge, and my COMIC READER characters Dick Duck, Duck Dick & his sidekick Pavlov are bringing in Don Rosa. The bulletin board Wanted poster features my TCR "pals" characters, and little caricatures of TCR editor Mike Tiefenbacher, publisher Jerry Sinkovec, and my cartooning & comedic partner, Chuck Fiala...being part of this was cooler than cool for an Eisner fan like me!

  3. P.S.---AND---everyone who participated got a note from Will thanking them (on "stationary" he created for the occasion, which showed him having fallen out of a tree, which he recently HAD) and a special Kitchen Sink "I CONTRIBUTED TO THE SPIRIT JAM" button depicting The Spirit, and a blank area where Denis Kitchen hand-lettered your name!

  4. Thanks for the extra trivia, Mr. Engel.
    It's always a good thing to have additional info on any of the things that I post here.