Saturday, January 28, 2012

Carl Burgos Original Art

Carl Burgos is probably one of the most underrated and under-appreciated artists who worked during the golden and silver ages of comics. Starting way, way back on the original Human Torch comics (the robot one, not Johnny Storm), his career included work with almost every major publisher in his lifetime.
A lot of his published output was just simple formula works for anthology titles, but ya can't hold it against a guy for trying to earn a living can ya?
This original art is, sadly, not owned by me; I just got these scans off of ebay. If you're interested, the set of five pages are for sale for about $500 USD.

by Carl Burgos
finished art published in ALARMING ADVENTURES #3, February 1963


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  1. Hi,

    Nice pages but I think Burgos may actually be only the inker. The pencil art looks like it could be Bernard Baily,in spite what the GCD says.

    Doc V.