Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Child Abuse Is Good Comedy

Child Abuse000

THE DANDY is a British comic that has been published continuously since 1937. It's target audience is children, but I have to wonder what exactly kids are learning from it. These scans are from a different time period, but still, I have to ask: Is child abuse really that funny????


Child Abuse001

yeah, there's nothin' like gettin' a whuppin' before school.....just puts ya in the mood for the day

next up is a character called 'DIZZY LIZZY'; she wears a dotted dress and is kinda chubby; she's sort of a combination of L'il Dot and L'il Lotta

Child Abuse002

"SCRAM, YA DUMBELL!" (yeah, pick on the retarded girl; she's an easy target)

Child Abuse003

OY! is he really beating her upside the head with a shoe? yeah, that's comedy there a'right

Child Abuse004

at least these kids deserved to get hosed down...

Child Abuse005

cheating a kid out of two pennies? really? have people ever been that damn trifling?

Child Abuse006

i ain't gonna lie; i got plenty of random smackings when i was a kid - but never twice in one day

Child Abuse007

despite her life coping with the downs syndrome, at least somebody is cool enough to save her

Child Abuse008

add animal abuse to the list of sins in this comic

seriously, though, the children get a little bit of comeuppance once in a while

Child Abuse009
i only wish that he could whop her again and again

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