Monday, January 25, 2010


Who would've thought That 1975's WISH YOU WERE HERE tour book would feature, of all things, comic stories. Previous Pink Floyd souvenir booklets had only contained the usual; pictures, interviews, setlists, etc. So it must have come as some surprise to those lucky fans when they opened the booklet and saw the contents.
Besides the art on the front and back covers, it contains four separate mini-stories, each done in a different comic genre.

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The cover painting is done in a style reminiscent of the sci-fi and horror comics of the 50s and features typically humanoid aliens (you know, the ones that usually "come in peace") and the iconic imagery from the DARK SIDE OF THE MOON album.
The lead off story is a fairly spot-on homage to the "sports hero" category, which isn't so popular here in the United States, but is very popular in mangas.

The second story here, by Richard Evans (signed), tackles another genre: war comics.

This one surely shows the signs of it's times, a tale of fame and fortune done in the counter-culture underground style, by Joe Petagno. Dig all the cameos, man.

Lastly, one of those genre bending type of tales that tries to combine "gearhead" racing comics with a romance twist.

The back cover is the last thing we have to look at, and could you have ever guessed it would be educational?


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