Saturday, May 9, 2009


Wonder Woman and the Star Riders was a concept for a cartoon/comic series/action figure set that just never saw the light of day. The only thing that did come into being was this free comic packaged with Kellogg's brand Cinnamon Mini Buns cereal.

Check out Wonder Woman's long flowing tresses; the action figure would've been packaged with a li'l comb and hair accessories....



  1. Wow thanks for posting that, I've been wanting to actually read it. By the gods that writing is simply terrible. I believe "You Witch" is repeated about four times. And why do they all have the rediculously long hair? Why is wonder woman even there. I mean Ice is ice, Solara is sun, Dolphin is water, Starlily is plants, and I guess Pantha if she was a Star Rider would be not an element o_o

  2. As corny as it is... something about them is so entriguing to me. Maybe it's that they never came to be... I want StarLilly tattooed on me somewhere...