Sunday, May 17, 2009

BRAIN BOY #2, July 1962

"Brain Boy", was Matt Price's nickname in the Dell Comics short-lived series from the early 1960s. With the majority of it's run drawn by the late, great Frank Springer, it still has a *somewhat* vocal fanbase; likely because the series was constructed with golden age sensibilities while trying to compete with the silver age readers and collectors.
Unfortunately, it was either a failed attempt, or Dell just didn't support it enough (details are sketchy).



  1. NEAT! This was the only one of the six Brain Boy issues I never got to read back in the day. Thanx a mil for posting it in its entirety. The only other mistake Matt made in this issue was walking away and not witnessing Ricorta's execution with his own eyes [once out from under his direct control Ricorta was able to turn the two guards' guns on themselves and walk away scot-free, [as would be revealed in issue 5]] One of my favorite, all time series.

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