Saturday, December 26, 2009


Obnoxio The Clown was the mean spirited, cigar smoking mascot for Marvel's CRAZY magazine in the '80s. Rude, crude, dirty, offensive, and insulting, he was exactly the type of character that kept me buying their magazine until it was cancelled. Obnoxio's Fun Pages, Teen Hulk, and Mike Carlin's Page-0-Stuff were the three features I remember most about that mag. Also the three things that set them apart from MAD or CRACKED, who both seemed too heavy on TV and movie parodies for my youthful tastes.
I don't know if Marvel had intended to give him his own series or not (only one issue was ever released), but when CRAZY disappeared, so did Obnoxio. Will he ever return? Only time will tell...

"Larry Hama created Obnoxio and drew the first pictures of him. I don’t know if these were ever printed, but I do not think so. As the Editor, the creation of an acceptable mascot was his prerogative. Obnoxio is an excellent example of Larry Hama’s sense of humor, which I dig." - Alan Kupperberg

interviews with Alan Kupperberg here
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from OBNOXIO THE CLOWN #1, April 1983

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