Monday, August 12, 2013

When Comics Do Things Wrong

I actually like Archie comics for the most part, but with this one, I think they really lost their target audience. It's not a really bad story, but it seems like whoever wrote and drew it was totally out of touch with current fashion at the time.


Yeah, see what I mean? This comic is dated for 1979, yet Chuck just bought an outfit from 1969. Nobody was wearing anything like this in 1979 except maybe Bootsy Collins or Rick James.
Other than the totally outdated fashion, the rest of the story ain't too bad.


So, you see it's really just a typical "oh the generation gap creates comedy" type of stories. But UGH! that outfit.
Luckily today's more recent Archie comics are more in tune with the real world; or at least they try to be.

This story from: ARCHIE'S PALS N GALS #136, October 1979

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