Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Funnies: NON SEQUITUR


Starting as an editorial cartoonist way, way back in 1976, 'Wiley' has been doing comics ever since. Non-Sequitur is actually his second syndicated feature (if anybody was counting). Without a whole lot of recurring characters at first, the current run usually features his little girl character 'Danae', who has an almost-as-morbid sense of humor as (Mark Tatulli's) LIO, but not quite.

Which brings us to this selection of strips. I'm not actually sure why I picked all of these comics that are about death and suicide, I think I was planning on making some eloquent comparison between Wiley and Charles Addams or something, but now I've forgotten. Whatever. But it is pretty dang-ol' interesting how dark some of Wiley's humor is, especially when it's stacked up against plain vanilla comics like Garfield or Family Circus in the newspapers.

by David Wiley Miller
from NON-SEQUITUR'S BEASTLY THINGS (ISBN: 0-7407-0016-2) 1999

Wiley 001
Wiley 002
Wiley 003
Wiley 004
Wiley 005
Wiley 006
Wiley 007
Wiley 008
Wiley 009
Wiley 010
Wiley 011
Wiley 012

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