Friday, December 7, 2012

Jay And Silent Bob Rewrite Spidey

What If_Aunt May_edit000

Okay, nowhere in this story does it say that this is Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes as the narrators, but I'll be danged if the artist here didn't use them as figure models for this issue. And I swear the writer intentionally wrote their dialogue with the same two characters in mind.
So, WHAT IF JAY AND SILENT BOB WORKED OUT A NEW ORIGIN FOR THE SPIDER-MAN??? I think it would look sumthin' like this here:

by Ed Brubaker and Andrea DiVito
from WHAT IF? (oneshot), February 2005

What If_Aunt May_edit001
What If_Aunt May_edit002
What If_Aunt May_edit003

unable to stop him, Ben follows Peter to the warehouse just in time to witness:

What If_Aunt May_edit004
What If_Aunt May_edit005
What If_Aunt May_edit006
What If_Aunt May_edit007
What If_Aunt May_edit008
What If_Aunt May_edit009
What If_Aunt May_edit010
What If_Aunt May_edit011
What If_Aunt May_edit012
What If_Aunt May_edit013
What If_Aunt May_edit014

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