Saturday, April 4, 2009


You get so used to these old kid's comics being so moral and borderline preachy that it kind of surprises me when I find one like this, where the message seems to be one of intolerance and undisguised bigotry.

Hate mongers rejoice! This one's for you!


Uh-oh! Problem child! But just what is this child's problem?


Wha-hunh?!? Of course we can't just let the child like coloreds gays foreigners cats, now can we?


Just look at his tail there. Ol' Numbhead got excited at the picture of the bad pussy.


Like Jesus said, "All You Need Is Love". Or was that the guy who was more popular than Jesus that said that?


Numbhead is a little too young to realize that "WAR IS HECK"!


Here it comes...


Mighty Mouse always resorts to violence. But let's just see how Numbhead resolves conflict...


So just who learned a lesson here? Numbhead? Mighty Mouse? The cats?
It was US.
Despite it's beginnings, I guess this tale turned out to have the same old moral after all....
Remember, we could learn a lot from a dummy.

from MIGHTY MOUSE #168, September 1966


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