Tuesday, April 14, 2009

BLACK CAT, "Water Skis Whipping"

The Black Cat (aka. Hollywood starlet Linda Turner), had a long run in Harvey’s Speed Comics, and was finally given her own title in 1946.The series was praised by comics historian Trina Robbins for its "logical" and "straightforward" approach, in contrast to more fantasy-oriented titles like Wonder Woman.
Black Cat ran 65 issues, lasting nearly two decades (with a hiatus or two). It may be best remembered for a couple of iconic horror covers, but it started out as a squeaky clean Golden Age superhero book.
Lee Elias didn't create the character, nor did he draw the entire series from start to finish, yet he is the one artist most fans associate with her.

This story is from BLACK CAT #7, August 1947:

A few years back, Alan Harvey was republishing the wonderful Black Cat comics. Alan asked Mark Evanier to cobble up a new adventure with artist Murphy Anderson, which is readable online here.


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