Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Funnies: BRENDA STARR

Brenda Starr Reporter_000

As one of the earliest female cartoonists to ever land a major syndicate deal, Dale Messick was a true pioneer in the field. Just think about it for a minute. We wouldn't have Cathy Guisewite, Marie Severin, Ramona Fradon, or even Kate Beaton if it weren't for Ms. Messick refusing to let herself be shut out of the "boys club" of newspaper cartoonists.

There's probly a better example of a really great Brenda Starr story, but they tend to run long; too long to really be put into a short blog post. But if it's any consolation to y'all, this is the very first story arc, so if you like it, go buy the book already.

by Dale Messick
from BRENDA STARR, REPORTER vol 1 (ISBN: 1-932563-80-6) 2012

Brenda Starr Reporter_001
Brenda Starr Reporter_002
Brenda Starr Reporter_003
Brenda Starr Reporter_004
Brenda Starr Reporter_005
Brenda Starr Reporter_006

The Final Stories Of Brenda

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